Death of a Loved One
Death of a Beloved Pet
Divorce or End of a Relationship
Loss of a Substance Dependency
Loss of Trust
Loss of Dreams
Loss of Security
Loss of Health

Grief Is The Normal And Natural Reaction To Any Significant Emotional Loss

Time Heals All Wounds
Replace The Loss
Bury Your Feelings
Be Strong For Others
Grieve Alone

Located In Beautiful Argyle, Texas

Grief Counseling at The Grief Recovery Center

Grief Counseling at The Grief Recovery Center is unique not only in its pastoral setting, but in its spiritual approach to life and death and its ability and commitment to help those grieving from any significant loss.

Loss is an inevitable part of life. It is important to acquire the skills and tools that enable us to sustain one of life's most complex and powerful experiences. We provide counseling for those experiencing any kind of loss. However, we also are uniquely qualified and trained to counsel those suffering from the loss of a beloved pet.

Grief Counseling at The Grief Recovery Center

Grief Counseling at The Grief Recovery Center is also unique in its utilization of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). We have three certified Delta Society dogs, Oliver, Oscar Willie Wilde and Molly and two additional Therapy dogs (Hitchcock and Khanti) to offer grievers comfort, solace and healing and to help them cope with their loss. Animals are wonderful healers of the spirit, and there is significant scientific substantiation of the healing power of animal companions. For those who are not comfortable around animals, they need not utilize or come into contact with AAT or any other animals.

We respect the creatures with whom we share the planet. We recognize the interconnectedness of all life. The human-animal bond is powerful and extraordinary and provides us with a greater and more profound awareness and understanding of the meaningfulness and purposefulness of all living beings. Above all, it is our purpose to help, heal, uplift and guide those in need.